Special Programs for Academic Nurturing (SPAN) was established at IUPUI in 1984 to let academically motivated students take college classes. While this program is aimed at high school students, younger students have qualified and excelled in this program as well. SPAN offers opportunities that can be configured in many ways. It permits motivated high school students to get started on their college education or just take courses that are not available at their local high schools. Perhaps a high school student would like to take a college class during IUPUI's summer school. Maybe a student would like to attend half a day at their high school and half a day at IUPUI. Or maybe a high school student is ready for the challenge of full-time college classes. Qualified students can design a program at IUPUI to fit their needs. The SPAN Division offers six accelerated college immersion programs for high schools students who are ready to take college courses: the Running Start Program, the Upper Class Program, the CyberTEENs program, the Computer Tech Scholars program, the Take6 program, and the Nanotechnology Program (NEST).

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