First-Generation Day

Save the date: November 3–9, 2019

IUPUI First-Generation Week is a chance to celebrate students, faculty, and staff at IUPUI who are first in their family to attend and graduate college!

Get Involved

All divisions, schools, offices, and programs across IUPUI are invited to participate in the celebration in whatever way they can. You might hold an event, send a special note to your first-generation students, highlight a student or two on social media, or even just set up a table somewhere on campus to hand out swag. We’ve compiled a list to get you thinking. Once you’ve decided how you’ll participate, register your participation below so that we can help highlight it to campus as the celebration nears!

First-Generation Committee

Ready to do even more? Join IUPUI’s first-generation committee to help explore the experiences of first-generation students and continue to shape our campus to continue to be a welcoming and supportive environment for students who are first in their families to attend college. While the weeklong celebration is important and part of the committee’s focus, we’re also committed to the other 51 weeks in the year and all of the experiences that students have as students.

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Last Year

Last year IUPUI celebrated its inaugural first-generation day on November 8, 2018. Hundred of students faculty and staff celebrated first-gen at the campuswide celebration in the Campus Center and at dozens of events across the campus. Check out the photos from last year’s party.

Students celebrate first-gen at the campuswide celebration in the IUPUI Campus Center. View more photos on Flickr

2018 by the numbers


97faculty and staff

20+events were held across campus

We want you

Get involved with first-gen at IUPUI—whether you want to hold an event, serve on the committee, or have your own idea, connect with our committee to learn more about how to participate!

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