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The IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education is recognized nationally and has received awards for its programs supporting student success. The division provides support services, programs, learning environments, mentoring, tutoring, courses, and scholarships to nearly 6,000 undergraduate students. Through donor features and compelling student stories, INSPIRE opens the door to impactful opportunities for our readers so they can become partners in our success and be part of building a better Indiana and world.

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Kate Thedwall: Best Investment? Education!

Kate Thedwall, director of the Gateway to Graduation program at IUPUI, serves as chair of the University College Scholarship Committee. Her personal financial struggles to complete college make her the ideal individual to head up this important committee and the impactful work it does.

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Kate Thedwall

Tonja Eagan: Living to Give Back

Tonja Eagan believes in the students of IUPUI. She believes they can succeed if mentored and supported, and she knows there are undergraduate students at IUPUI just like she was—students who need to be believed in and developed to make an impact on IUPUI and the world. Click below to discover Eagan’s powerful path toward mentorship, explore her incredible success story, and grasp her passion for students at IUPUI. 

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Tonja Eagan

The Value of Generosity in Business and in Life

RJE sells furniture by Knoll, a company that designs their product in a modernist style I’ve become familiar with through watching the AMC series Mad Men. Really, my only experience in the world of the business elite comes from television and books, so as I peered around the swanky, surreal atmosphere of RJE’s lobby, I found myself anticipating Dennis “Denny” Sponsel, the company’s president, to be the business shark that TV and movies are fond of depicting, or one of the villain CEOs prevalent in recent news.

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Dennis Sponsel
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