Division faculty and staff development

Division of Undergraduation Education University College Fund

Account number: I320003484

The Division of Undergraduate Education and its University College Fund supports many of the activities we benefit from as employees of the division. For example, the University College Fund helps to pay for departmental awards, travel expenses, supplies, meals, programming, and student and staff development. A donation to this account helps to ensure that all staff receive the training they want, recognition they deserve, and resources they need to provide the best possible environment for our students.

Mentoring Impact Fund

Account Number: I380010424

This fund supports the mentoring activities of the Bepko Learning Center at IUPUI. This fund has sufficient flexibility to address a variety of needs associated with peer mentoring, as coordinated through the center. Some potential uses of the Mentoring Impact Fund may include supporting a mentoring symposium, internships, and scholarships, as well as general support for the mentoring program.

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