Matt Griffin

One of Few

Matt Griffin has been at IUPUI for four years. He chose to attend IUPUI for two primary reasons: he believed that there would be better employment opportunities at a college in an urban setting, and he knew he would be able to save on the cost of living by staying at home. But just because Griffin was able to save some money did not mean he wasn’t looking for other sources of financial assistance to help pay for his education. 

Griffin was one of the few IUPUI students to receive the Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Award. One of the goals of the scholarship is to help students prevail, no matter what challenges they might face. Griffin found out about the scholarship while working at IUPUI in University College. When asked about it, Griffin commented, “The program director . . . dropped the scholarship information off at my office to my boss and asked him to give it to me. The department I worked in provided computer support to the scholarship’s office.”

Griffin feels that the strongest benefits of receiving the scholarship, other than financial, are the lifelong friends and professional connections he has been able to foster. He encourages every student to be aware of the scholarships for which they qualify or are very close to meeting the requirements. Griffin suggests, “Stay positive and be yourself during any interviews. . . . You never know how much it will pay off in the end!”