Math 023

Ivy Tech Math Placement

Registration in MATH 023 at Ivy Tech

1. Guest Application

Complete a guest application for admission to Ivy Tech Community College. You can find the application at; scan the completed form and send it to Matt Moody at You do not need to complete the portion of the application that asks for "verification of academic standing." The application linked above already has this section completed. 


2. Course Registration at Ivy Tech

Once you are admitted, the Ivy Tech Admissions Office will email you instructions on how to register for MATH 023 and will include your Ivy Tech student ID number in the email. You may then proceed to set up your Campus Connect account by going to From this site, you will be able to view course availability and complete your registration. 


3. Financial Aid Consideration

If you are receiving financial aid for enrollment at IUPUI, complete the Passport Agreement. You may obtain the signature of an IUPUI academic advisor when you attend orientation. This form cannot be submitted until you have enrolled in a course at Ivy Tech.