University College Building Now Named Joseph T. Taylor Hall

The building housing IUPUI’s University College has been named for Joseph T. Taylor in honor of the man who served as dean of the Indianapolis Regional Campus from 1967 to 1970 (pre-IUPUI) and as the first dean of the newly established IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI (1970-1978). 

“Because he was instrumental in implementing the merger that led to the establishment of IUPUI, it is fitting that his name be attached to one of the original buildings,” Bantz said. “As an African American, Dr. Taylor was a pioneer at every stage of his academic career. He infused that can-do spirit and ability to break new ground into the very core of what has made IUPUI successful today.”

Taylor served as a Professor of Sociology from 1965–1983 and as the first Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI from 1967–1978. The entire community was saddened by his death in September 2000. He is remembered for his commitment to dialogue and diversity.

“I think Dr. Taylor would be delighted to see his name attached to the building that houses not only University College, but also the Multi-Cultural Center,” said Scott Evenbeck, Dean of University College.

Evenbeck recalled working closely with Taylor when he formed the Dialogue Group, comprised of members of the community who provided valuable insights into IUPUI. “That group did much to shape IUPUI and IUPUI’s ongoing commitment to students. Much of what we do in University College is a continuation of the work Dr. Taylor started on the downtown campus of Indiana University many years ago.”

University College provides orientation, academic advising and academic support for entering students, work that has been nationally recognized as a model for supporting students entering college. “There is a direct relationship between that recognition, which includes being named an “Institution of Excellence,” and the foundation Dr. Taylor laid many years ago,” Evenbeck said.

“It is exciting that the person the campus can honor and hold up as a role model with entering students is someone who in many ways is the father of the IUPUI we all know now,” Evenbeck said.

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