Chris Maroldo Received Award for Excellence in Academic Mentoring

Indianapolis, IN (May 2011) – Chris Maroldo, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs at IUPUI University College, was the recipient of the Alvin S. Bynum Award for Excellence in Academic Mentoring. Maroldo was recognized for his outstanding work at the 2011 Chancellor’s Honor Convocation which was held on Friday, April 29 at 3:00p.m. at the University Place Conference Center on campus.

In addition to being Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs, Maroldo is also the Director of the STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) Mentoring Program which deals with academic probation dismissals and the reinstatement process. The STAR Mentoring Program is part of the Success Programs, and its efforts are focused on first-time academic probation students of University College.

The program provides group or individual mentoring for these students that can help them get back on the right path, and the mentors are brought in from around campus. “My role is to make that whole process run smoothly,” Maroldo said. It is in this program that Maroldo’s own mentoring has had a huge impact, playing a key role in inspiring these students to strive for academic success.

Maroldo expressed that working with the STAR program has been very gratifying. The award is not only a success for him, but for the program as well, proving that the program is making a difference.

I had a mentor in my life that kind of latched on to me and believed I could graduate,” he said, which is what he believes is just what some students need. 

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