IUPUI University College Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program Receives Award

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 2011) - The IUPUI University College Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program was selected as the winner of the Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Certificate of Merit by the National Academic Advising Association. This award recognizes programs that document innovative practices resulting in improvement of academic advising service. 

The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust was established in tribute to the life and values of Nina Mason Pulliam who was a journalist, business leader, and humanitarian. Throughout her life she was committed to the causes she loved and her legacy continues through the Nina Scholars Program. This program is dedicated to providing educational support and opportunities for individuals who traditionally would not receive academic scholarships. They are provided the financial support and resources they need to gain a college education. 

Charlie Johnson, Director of Scholar Support Programs, said, “This recognition is a testament to the strong partnership we have with our funder, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and to the effectiveness of our model of supporting and facilitating student success using holistic, intrusive, individualized, and strengths-based approaches. The Nina Scholars Program also points the way for other institutions to help students from marginalized backgrounds to turn academic alienation into a life-long commitment to learning and growth.”

Across the country, there are only a few institutions that have created programs aimed at students who are physically disabled, who have been raised in the child welfare system, or who are adults with dependents. The Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholars Program at IUPUI University College was created to make obtaining a college degree for these students a reality, and its leaders are hopeful that its successful programming will become the official national model. 

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For more Information, contact Harriett Bennett at (317) 274-5036 or email hbennett@iupui.edu.