Grimes and Hickman Named IUPUI's 2012 Student Supervisor and Student Employee of the Year

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (May 2012) – Dr. Brenda Grimes, in the Indiana University School of Medicine at IUPUI, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, was named the 2012 Student Supervisor of the Year during an awards luncheon held in the Campus Center recognizing all of the award nominees.

Grimes was nominated by Tony Brown who expressed his gratitude for all she has taught him while he worked with her conducting research in her laboratory.

“Working in a research laboratory has been both challenging and rewarding, and thanks to Dr. Grimes, the experience has improved me as both a researcher and a young adult,” Brown said in his nomination letter. “Field interest alone cannot always make a job enjoyable; it is the fellow employees and employers that make or break any experience.”

With Grimes’ help and his experience in the lab, Brown received a 2011 summer internship at Harvard Medical School while also being offered summer positions at NASA, Mayo Clinic, and others. With Grimes’ help, he also received an offer from the National Institutes of Health for a 2012 summer internship position and was awarded an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) grant. 

Grimes’ profound influence on Brown’s career course and future goals prompted him to nominate her for this award. 

Kassandra Hickman, a student worker involved in teaching lab preparation and office assistant in the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI, Department of Biology, was also recognized. She was named Outstanding Student Employee of the Year. Hickman has helped throughout the department training new students and stepping up to help manage the office’s graduate application process. 

One of her supervisors, Suzanne Merrell, says, “ I was absolutely impressed when Kassie proved herself to be one of the best student workers I have ever hired….She assisted in two vastly different parts of our operation (lab and office) and performed in each area with nominal supervision and excellent results. Most visitors to the office were unaware of her student status because of her professional demeanor and engaging personality.” 

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