Summer Bridge Program at IUPUI University College Reaches Record High Enrollment

Indianapolis, IN (August 2014) – IUPUI’s University College Summer Bridge Program is a unique two-week program that helps incoming freshmen and international students “bridge” the gap between high school and college. For two weeks before the fall semester begins, Summer Bridge students live on campus and attend specialized classes to help them learn about academic expectations, prepare for their initial academic year, and become accustomed to the IUPUI campus.

This year, approximately 850 students will attend the Summer Bridge Program, the most the program has experienced since it began in 2001. As more of IUPUI's schools begin participating in Summer Bridge, more and more students are rushing to participate in this unique opportunity. 

According to program director Heather Bowman, “There has been significant growth” of the program and thus, an increase in the number of student participants. In the past few years “the numbers have tripled. There are only a few schools left on campus that don’t have Summer Bridge programs,” said Bowman. She continues, reiterating that the more schools that add Summer Bridge opportunities, the more students that will attend, expanding the program even further. New to the Bridge program this year is the Herron School of Art and Design and the IU Department of Journalism and Public Relations at IUPUI. In addition, all freshmen international students are again required to attend Summer Bridge, which has contributed to the growth of the program. 

Bowman has high expectations for the future of the program: she hopes that someday every freshman will have the opportunity to engage in a Summer Bridge experience at IUPUI.  

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