The Upward Bound program includes after school, mid-week, and summer programs to assist students in achieving their goals. Roxanne Gregg, director of the IUPUI Upward Bound program, states, “We partner with our [high] schools to be a support.” Students experience support in a multitude of ways such as financial and internship opportunities, fostering lasting relationships, learning how to work within a team environment, gaining confidence, and learning how to set and reach lifetime goals. During this past summer, 75 students enrolled in and completed the Upward Bound Summer Academy.

Gregg commented, “I’m very passionate about the population.” She particularly enjoys seeing Upward Bound students grow, mature, “and gain confidence in themselves.” 

Participants are from low-income families in which neither parent has a college degree. The aim of the program is to remove poverty from society and provide students with the education needed to obtain jobs while becoming productive in their communities.  

The mission of the TRIO programs as noted by the United States Department of Education is “to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access” (

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