Successful Bowen Scholars Program Comes to IUPUI

Bob and Terry Bowen, through the Bowen Family Foundation, are providing financial support for the IUPUI Bowen Scholars Program, a program model that originated at Ivy Tech Community College, effective with the fall 2014 semester. It is part of a broader expression of funding support from the Bowens, which has fostered incredible success in its students’ academic and life achievements, having provided more than six hundred students with various scholarships since 1993. The program will be housed in University College.

The IUPUI Bowen Scholars Program has been established to assist African American students who have graduated from Ivy Tech Community College with an associate’s degree and who are transitioning to IUPUI in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. Candidates for the IUPUI Bowen Scholars Program will typically reside in Marion County and will be expected to graduate from IUPUI within three years. Students must meet the minimum 2.0 GPA standard and be engaged in a community service project each year as part of the scholarship program requirements.

Once the program gets started, it will be customized to address students’ needs.

Charlie Johnson, director of Scholar Support Programs