University College Announces Participant in the IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 Leadership Initiative

Indianapolis, IN (May 2015) – University College is pleased to announce that Asha McCauley has been selected as a participant in the inaugural class of the IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 leadership initiative. Next Generation 2.0, announced last January by Nasser Paydar, executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer, is a new leadership and professional development initiative for IUPUI faculty and staff.

McCauley is the special programs coordinator for Special Programs for Academic Nurturing (SPAN). SPAN was established to allow pre-college students to take college courses alongside college students and to learn about the higher education environment.  

McCauley states, “I am honored to have been selected for the Next Generation 2.0 leadership initiative. I look forward to participating in the program and learning how I can contribute more to the IUPUI community.”

University College’s associate dean for Academic Affairs, Sarah Baker, noted, “This is an exceptional opportunity for Asha’s future, but also for SPAN and University College. The program is designed to help mentor professional development growth and to instill leadership abilities in IUPUI’s rising generation for future leadership positions.” 

John R. Russell, director of SPAN, commented, “We are very pleased Asha has been selected to participate in the IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 leadership initiative! Asha is a civically minded individual who is dedicated to academic excellence and the success of our students at IUPUI. She is exemplary in her commitment not only to student academic success, but also…to university-wide scholastic achievement by her mentorship of others within the IUPUI campus, and leadership within our urban community partnerships. Asha personifies so many qualities critical to successful and effective academic and student support services with characteristics such as patience, intensity, subject knowledge, and organizational skills. In her nearly four years with the SPAN program, Asha has established a history rich with evidence of the ability to communicate with a diverse population of students from all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. Asha guides students with empathy and enthusiasm….[She is] an embodiment of academic discipline wrapped in a heart devoted to student success.”

The Next Generation 2.0 initiative is in line with IUPUI’s strategic plan to retain and develop a diverse pool of talent to lead the institution into the future. Participants will complete a year-long curriculum that will prepare them to step into and/or create leadership opportunities in their units and schools.