Janna McDonald, IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education, is President-Elect of the National Student Employment Association

Janna McDonald, director of the Office of Student Employment in IUPUI’s Division of Undergraduate Education, was recently chosen as president-elect of the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). She will begin serving her term in January of 2016.

As president-elect, McDonald will first gain insights into the organization’s structure and functions during 2016 before taking the reins as president in 2017. Following her year as president, McDonald will serve as a key resource for the upcoming leadership. 

McDonald’s service with NSEA includes serving as chair of the awards committee (2012-2014), new member mentor (October 2014-present), and vice president of membership and marketing (January 2014-present). McDonald notes, “What an honor to serve an organization with such incredibly dedicated members as they strive to provide students across the country with impactful opportunities that open doors to students’ futures.”

Part-time employment for students is a reality for three out of four college students in the United States. Studies indicate that students who work part-time and attend public and private colleges can earn grade-point averages that are competitive or even slightly higher than those who do not work. McDonald states, “With the stakes so high for current undergraduates, the National Student Employment Association serves a key population of administrators seeking to impact students, and we must all come together with our common passions, ideas, proven practices, and research to continue to drive employment as a learning experience that holds great value and worth in the recruiting process for employers.” 

The National Student Employment Association is a comprehensive student association of several hundred members involved with programs for working college students as well as for those assisting students in obtaining work. NSEA provides current information on federal student employment regulations and advises on the Federal Work-Study Program. Through conferences and workshops, NSEA members can tap into a wide array of experiences from colleagues and training opportunities.