Graduate Assistants Contributing to Undergraduate Student Success


The IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) is comprised of a diverse staff committed to enhancing academic success for IUPUI's undergraduate population by coordinating and advancing vital initiatives and resources that amplify personal and collective achievement. Among this staff are 17 graduate assistants, who help carry out the mission of the division on a daily basis. 

The DUE graduate assistants are tasked with carrying out staff duties in various offices across the division, fulfilling such roles as student success advisors, program coordinators, and project leaders. When asked how her role contributes to undergraduate student success, Alyssa Luna stated, “My role prepares students to be successful within their chosen majors and supports their transition to IUPUI through orientation and advising services.” Similarly, Shelby Dance shared, “I help students explore majors and careers as well as complete academic planning to ensure retention and graduation.”

Jorge Lopez, Duke Energy STEM Internship Coordinator

As these graduate assistants work to enhance the lives of our undergraduate students through their professional roles in DUE, they are simultaneously gaining experience that will enhance their preparation to enter the work force full time. Yohana Gebremicael shared that the biggest takeaway from her assistantship so far has been “sharpening my technology skills and learning more ways to facilitate trainings on advising and career services for the advisors on campus.”

Paige Thomas, Diversity and Residence Life Graduate Assistant
The DUE graduate assistants have described their experiences using words such as insightful, empowering, awesome, growth, connectedness, and unique. We would like to extend our gratitude for the hard work and dedication to undergraduate student success demonstrated by our current graduate assistants: Budhaditya Bose, Laura Cherne, Olivia Dailey, Shelby Dance, Joseph Deloney, Yohana Gebremicael, Andrea Jarquin, Jadonna Robinson Keim, Jorge Lopez, Alyssa Luna, Alexandria Miskus, Kayla Muncie, Shawn Peters, Anna Priore, Marisela Sanchez, Sidra Sherrill, and Paige Thomas. Thank you!

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