The Experience of an IUPUI Transfer Student


David Lewis is a 2018 senior at IUPUI majoring in public affairs and minoring in Africana studies. IUPUI wasn’t always his home; his college career began at a small college in Indianapolis in the fall of 2015.

At his first school, David was pursuing degrees in business administration and political science until he decided to transfer to IUPUI in 2016. He wanted larger class sizes like the ones he grew fond of in high school, and he wanted to experience the diversity of IUPUI’s campus. The School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) also offers the public affairs program, which essentially combines the degrees David had already begun working toward.

With the help of the Olaniyan (Oh-LAWN-eee-yawn) Scholars Program, David has benefited from an enriching experience at IUPUI. He studied abroad in London and had the opportunity to learn from local health experts, including faculty from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and King’s College London. He also visited the Bloomsbury area of London and explored the organization, financing, challenges, and future direction of the National Health Service of England.

During his time at IUPUI, David has served as an intern at the Indiana Statehouse. He worked with lobbyists advocating for widespread implementation of electric and utility services throughout Indiana. Learning about the legislation process firsthand solidified David’s interest in pursuing a career in public service. He plans to pursue a legal degree or a graduate program following graduation this May and intends to devote his career to affecting local and national education policy.

“I believe my next challenge is to hone in on the skills I’ve acquired while attending IUPUI and to utilize those skills in the next community or communities that I serve,” David remarks. “Whether those communities include academic institutions, religious groups, or nonprofit organizations, I plan to take my experience to the next level.”

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