Returning student coordinator for University College wins GREAT Award


Heather Long is the 2019 recipient of the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) GREAT Award, which recognizes a member of the division’s clerical and professional support staff for providing extraordinary professional service to both the DUE community and to students.

Long’s nominator said that Long did the work of two positions last year when there was a gap during a personnel transition and that Long has been invaluable to the committees she serves on, continuously seeks to better herself, and is an “awesome advocate for student success.” Long’s colleagues say she is great at navigating the complex red tape of college entrance, and she tries to make it easier for students trying to come back to IUPUI.

Heather is especially valued for her GREAT contributions and dedication to Academic and Career Development, the Division of Undergraduate Education, and across the IUPUI campus.

Chris Maroldo, Director, Academic Success

Long loves her job as the returning student coordinator in University College because she gets to work directly with students. She explained that most students are nervous about the reinstatement process, so she tries to help them see that the process isn’t as overwhelming as they think it is. Many students had an unfortunate circumstance or bad semester before they were dismissed, and now they want to return to their studies after making changes in their lives. Long enjoys helping them navigate through the reinstatement process so they can have a smooth transition back. Some students leave an indelible impression on her, and many come to her for help when they run into obstacles, even after they are reinstated.

When Long isn’t occupied with work, she is busy with her own classes. She is working on a master’s degree in adult education and a HESA graduate certificate. Long says her two children, ages 8 and 11, support her and encourage her to get her homework and projects finished on time. Education has become a team effort in their family. When she has spare time, Long loves to read fantasy and historical fiction. She also loves super hero movies. Long has her own super powers that many people don’t know about—she plays the trumpet and does archery.

Long was surprised to hear that she had won the GREAT Award, but is grateful that her hard work is being recognized. When asked how she makes a difference for the students she works with, Long said she makes herself available to her students and makes sure they know how to contact her. Many students have questions and want a person to contact to direct them to the resources they need. Long also makes certain that students understand the reinstatement process and helps them know what they need to do to be considered for reinstatement.

Not only is Long dedicated to her students, but she is also dedicated to her co-workers. She is active on several committees and in JACADA (the campus organization for academic advisors). Long said she enjoys being on committees so she can give her feedback to make a difference and so she can help her colleagues. She also volunteers at many staff events. Long truly goes above and beyond for her students and for the DUE community and is deserving of the 2019 GREAT Award!

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