Alyson Love, a senior visual communication design major and a student employee for the Division of Undergraduate Education, participated in Bridge in 2016. She remembers being amazed by the atmosphere and what the program had to offer. “I didn’t expect myself to actually be making friends the first week of school, but everyone's trying to make friends, so it's easy. It was a way more relaxed environment than expected.”

Love recalls that the Bridge leaders and instructors prepared her for what college would be like and what possibilities lay ahead. “In one of our [Bridge] classes, our teacher was really adamant about letting us know that we’re able to make anything we want...we’re able to do anything.” She believes that incoming students should take advantage of all the opportunities they are presented with while in college, and participating in Bridge is the first of many.

I think it’d be a really good idea for everyone to do Bridge.

Alyson Love

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