Career Connections Night is one of the many opportunities DEAP creates to help foster success for students from traditionally underrepresented populations. The program offers both academic resources and a supportive community. From awarding scholarships to providing peer mentoring and academic accountability sessions, DEAP actively works to address the academic, social, and personal matters that impact student persistence.

Being a minority, sometimes you're discouraged from the science field, but I would tell students that if they are really dedicated and have the passion for it, to go for it."

Javecia Johnson, IUPUI alumni and senior analyst for Eli Lilly

Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program

The mission of the Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program (DEAP) is to enhance the transition and success of IUPUI students from populations that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education by addressing academic, social, and personal matters that have an impact on persistence. Through connecting, affirming, guiding, and engaging students, DEAP helps to ensure their success at IUPUI. DEAP offers intensive retention programming and a supportive community.

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