New learning outcomes framework focuses on skills students need after graduation


IUPUI is using a new learning outcomes framework: Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success. It is designed to equip all undergraduate students with key skills and abilities they need to succeed in the workplace and become significant contributors to their communities.

The skills and abilities are grouped under four characteristics: communicator, problem solver, innovator and community contributor.

Jay Gladden, associate vice chancellor of undergraduate education, dean of University College and acting dean of the Honors College, discussed the profiles in a recent interview.

Questions: What are the profiles?

Jay Gladden: The profiles are four characteristics -- or four qualities -- of an individual that we hope students will grow and develop during their time at IUPUI. They contain a number of skills and abilities that employers say they want but find lacking in many college graduates.

What IUPUI is attempting to do is be very clear about our work here with our students and what we're trying to achieve. We want students to be able to communicate, problem-solve, innovate and be significant contributors to their community when they graduate.

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