University College STEM cluster advisor awarded as Outstanding New Advisor


Kevin Lema, former STEM cluster advisor in the IUPUI University College, was awarded the Outstanding New Advisor Award by NACADA. The NACADA award program allows one nominee per campus, and Lema was awarded the campuswide Outstanding New Advisor Award through NACADA in spring 2022.

While Lema has only officially been an advisor for the last year, he has worked in higher education and with students since 2018. As a graduate of IUPUI himself, Lema sees this award as a community award and a celebration of student success for both current and past students.

“I see this award as an IUPUI success because I am an alum from IUPUI,” Lema said. "In a way, they shaped me into who I am today, and they helped me decide to go into higher education.”

Lema hopes that in the future, there will be more opportunities for all advisors campuswide to be celebrated and uplifted for their work throughout the year, not just for those who take the time to fill out an application for an award.

“With students, I love to encourage them, and I like to support them, but I also want to do that with my colleagues and people who are in the advising community on campus too,” Lema said.

Moving forward, Lema is excited to continue to see how IUPUI’s student population grows and evolves, and he hopes to always work with students to get to know them.

“I’m looking forward to continue learning about students' stories and finding ways to continue being better equipped and having different tools in my toolbox to help students,” Lema said.

Lema will continue to expand his toolbox in a new position as he has now moved up within the university as the assistant program director for career services at the School of Informatics and Computing. Although he is leaving DUE, Lema’s impact as an advisor will not be forgotten.

“Kevin has done amazing work on behalf of his students and the Academic and Career Development team,” Mike Slocum, the director of career development in University College, said. “He helps students find their best fit on campus, and we are thrilled that he has been recognized for his good work on campus.”

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