DUE adapts to increase student success


In an ever-changing world, needs are constantly changing. Today’s students and higher education are not immune to these changes in the use of technology and life in a post-pandemic world. Recognizing these changes, and a need to meet students where they are, the Division of Undergraduate Education at IUPUI has adapted to promote a positive, flexible, and inclusive environment that fosters student success.

The Bepko Learning Center is one of the many units that focus on adapting to student needs. Recent adjustments made by Bepko include offering options for online and drop-in tutoring, along with extending their hours of operation to make themselves more available to students.  

“We constantly need to adapt and make sure that students are getting the support that they need,” Jennifer Gleissner, the assistant director for the academic mentoring program at Bepko Learning Center, said. “If this program isn’t finding success we have to adjust.”

Along with working with the students that they are mentoring, Bepko collaborates with their student employees to help foster an environment that will work for students.  

“Our student employees have been so adaptable, so flexible, and so creative in trying to provide these services in different formats that it’s really just astounding to see that,” said Mark Minglin, executive director of Bepko Learning Center. 

Landon Brothers, the associate director of the Bepko Learning Center, stated that along with the fact that students have been known to find the program helpful, there is information to back up the success of the program. 

“We have data to back up that our services improve students’ performance academically,” said Brothers. 

Along with the Bepko Learning Center, Academic and Career Development has shown a strong dedication to helping students. Heather Long, a student success advisor who works specifically in the Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) program, expressed that students often feel as if they have to follow a specific set of rules to have a successful college career.  

“I think meeting students where they are makes them feel a little less like they’re not in the right place, not in the right time,” said Long. “It makes them feel like they belong, and no matter what their circumstance is, we're going to find a way to help you and continue to push you on to make you successful. 

Long also expressed that while it is important to follow some type of structure while mentoring students, a part of meeting students where they are is about catering the experience to their specific needs. 

“You treat each student differently based on what their needs are,” said Long. “We like to keep really good notes and advising records so we can look back and prepare ourselves.”

The Division of Undergraduate Education focuses on student success and supports all undergraduate students. Units within DUE, including the Bepko Learning Center and Academic and Career Development office, continue to improve processes to meet current student needs and support students on their path to degree completion. 

For more information, contact the Division of Undergraduate Education Office of Communications at duecomm@iupui.edu.