Equity Mindedness



IUPUI continues to see significant differences in achievement based on the background of its students. During the 2018–19 academic year, a team of people is implementing a welcoming campus grant focused on increasing equity mindedness at IUPUI. “Equity mindedness” is a term popularized by the University of California’s Center for Urban Education. It refers to a perspective taken by “various practitioners (faculty, administration, staff, etc.)” to identify and address inequities in student success outcomes by examining and assessing their own practices and taking responsibility for them (http://cue.usc.edu/equity/equity-mindedness/). What can DUE do to become more equity minded? What does equity mindedness look like in DUE at the organizational and individual level?

If you are interested in working on this team, contact Kristy Sheeler (ksheeler@iupui.edu) and Charlie Johnson (chajohns@iupui.edu).