Social Sciences

Principle of Undergraduate Learning 4

At least 3 credits

BUS-F 151Personal Finances of the College Student
BUS-F 152Basic Financial Planning and Investment
BUS-F 251Managing Personal and Financial Risk
BUS-F 260Personal Finance (Note: F260 is equiv. to F151, F152, and F251 combined)
BUS-W 200Introduction to Business and Management
BUS-X 100Business Administration: Introduction
COMM-C 180Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COMM-M 150Mass Media and Contemporary Society
ECE 32700Engineering Economics
ECON-E 101Survey of Economic Issues and Problems
ECON-E 201Introduction to Microeconomics 
ECON-E 202Introduction to Macroeconomics
EDUC-P 251Educational Psychology for Elementary Teachers
ENG-Z 104Language in Our World
ENG-Z 205Introduction to the English Language
FOLK-F 101Introduction to Folklore
GEOG-G 110Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG-G 130World Geography
HIST-H 105American History I
HIST-H 106American History II
HIST-H 108Perspectives: World to 1800
HIST-H 109Perspectives: World 1800-Present
HIST-H 113History of Western Civilization 1
HIST-H 114History of Western Civilization 2
HPER-F 255Human Sexuality
HPER-F 258Marriage and Family Interaction
HPER-H 195Principles of Lifestyle Wellness
INFO-I 202Social Informatics
INFO-I 270Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Principles and Practices
INFO-I 275Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Theory
JOUR-J 110Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication
ME 32700Engineering Economics
MSPT-Z 100Motorsports Studies
NEWM-N 132Game Design Psychology: Theory and Prototyping
OLS 20000Introduction to Sustainable Principles and Practices
OLS 25200Human Behavior in Organizations
OLS 26300Ethical Decisions in Leadership
OLS 27400Applied Leadership
PBHL-E 109Introduction to Public Health
PBHL-H 101Influencing the Public's Health
PBHL-S 120Introduction to Community Health
PHST-P 210Philanthropy and the Social Sciences
PHST-P 212Philanthropy and Civic Engagement
POLS-Y 101Introduction to Political Science
POLS-Y 103Introduction to American Politics
POLS-Y 217Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS-Y 219Introduction to International Relations
PSY-B 110Introduction to Psychology
SHRS-W 200Survey of U.S. Health Care System Services
SHRS-W 220Aging and the Older Person
SOC-R 100Introduction to Sociology
SOC-R 121Social Problems
SPEA-J 101American Criminal Justice System
SPEA-J 150Public Safety in America
SPEA-V 170Intro to Public Affairs
SPEA-V 221Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
SPEA-V 222Principles of Sustainability
SWK-S 221Human Growth and Development in the Social Environment
SWK-S 251History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy
WOST-W 105Introduction to Women's Studies

Additional Courses for IUPUC Students Only

EDUC-P 254Educational Psychology for Teachers—All Grades
ENG-G 205Introduction to the English Language
PSY-B 104Psychology as a Social Science

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