Integration and Implementation

Continuous Opportunities

As the Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs) are the foundational goals of a baccalaureate education at IUPUI, all courses that are offered to our undergraduates have clearly defined objectives to provide students with continuous opportunities to demonstrate the PULs and, thus, increase the probability of success. Schools and departments work cooperatively when designing their curricula to ensure that every student’s four-year plan of study offers the necessary avenues of PUL exposure. Matrices of the PULs that are emphasized in each course have been identified. In order to ensure that students understand the value and importance of the PULs, course syllabi must clearly define the PULs that are being emphasized, how assignments provide exposure to the PULs, and the assessment tools that will be used to measure student success in attaining the PULs and other course objectives.