Revision of PULs and PCLs


The feedback process will occur in three rounds and provide ample opportunity for all stakeholders to review and respond to our recommendation.

  • Feedback Phase I: February 2–February 18
  • Feedback Phase II: February 19–March 2
  • Feedback Phase III: March 5
  • Approval Process: March 26–May 1

Approval Process

  1. IFC Academic Affairs (in process)
  2. IFC First Read April 3
  3. IFC Student Affairs April 13
  4. UAC April 20
  5. IFC Vote May 1

Use the methods below to provide your feedback.

  1. Download and review the current recommendation document
  2. Provide feedback to your unit’s representatives
    • IUPUI Faculty Council (IFC)
    • Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC)
  3. Provide feedback to one of the task force members

Mar 19IFC Academic Affairs Discussion and Vote

Apr 13IFC Student Affairs Vote

Apr 20UAC Vote

May 1IFC Vote

Task Force Members