About the Revision

Highlights of the Recommendation Document

  • Inspired by the T-shaped Professional that influenced the development of the PCLs. Deep understanding in a major area of study (vertical) which, along with General Education and co-curricular activities, informs, shapes, and bolsters students’ experiences toward proficiency of the new PUL/PCL components (horizontal)
  • Creates a framework that works across all student-facing units on campus; unifies us and gives room for each unit to customize
  • Represents ways of thinking and doing rather than domains of knowledge
  • Active-orientation
  • Incorporates values such as RISE, civic engagement, global learning, diversity
  • Integrates the current PULs and PCLs into one document
  • Student-facing language

Navigating the Revision Document

  1. The visual represents the new/recommended PUL/PCLs in snapshot form. Each quadrant is one of four components that IUPUI students will develop throughout their undergraduate experience. Students will be introduced to each component in general education and co-curricular activities, have multiple opportunities to practice and refine each component in major coursework and additional co-curricular activities, and approach proficiency in culminating experiences. Imagine each quadrant with an arrow or spiral emanating from the center of the visual and moving to the periphery as students navigate various experiences toward graduation.
  2. As you read through the entire document, each quadrant is explained and defined in some detail, while still providing flexibility for each unit to codify how students will demonstrate proficiency. We provide outcome statements, example assignments/activities, and example assessment mechanisms. Individual units may provide additional information in these sections.
  3. The four quadrants represent what we aspire for our students to acquire during their undergraduate journey at IUPUI.