Undergraduate Affairs Committee

The Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) is a standing faculty oversight and advisory body for the IUPUI campus comprised of associate deans and faculty members engaged in leading undergraduate curricula from across all schools conferring undergraduate degrees. It serves as the main undergraduate affairs governing and advisory board for the IUPUI campus, overseeing approval of new undergraduate degrees, subplans, minors, certificates, and name changes.

The UAC also oversees curricula and policies associated with the IUPUI General Education Core, including the review and coordination of undergraduate curriculum changes involving general education courses. It also coordinates the updating of four-year degree maps and helps to guide the development of curricular and academic policies to support on-time degree completion by beginning students, transfer students, and re-engaged adult learners. Finally, if the IFC Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (UCAC) is disbanded, the UAC will assume responsibilities of UCAC, including overseeing the undergraduate course remonstrance process and mediating or proposing solutions to resolve curricular disputes between undergraduate programs.