Three Honors College students awarded national scholarships


Throughout the country, 50 Jo Anne J. Trow scholarships were awarded by Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) to students from across the country. Three of these students included Lainy McCoy, Ana Danner, and Katlyn Elliot-Rodriguez of IUPUI.

Lainy McCoy, a nursing major, was one of five students throughout the nation to receive a $6,000 award.

Through being vice president of IUPUI's ALD chapter, a research intern in the biology department, and an active volunteer with Indianapolis EMS and Riley Hospital for Children, she has been able to commit many hours to improving the community and its members by contributing to various service projects.

“ALD has allowed me to network outside the collegiate community by providing volunteer opportunities and service project involvement,” McCoy said.

Along with the support of ALD in her volunteer opportunities, she said that the academic encouragement and motivation from ALD was a part of what contributed to her receiving this scholarship.

“I am confident that the encouragement, support, and motivation of my fellow ALD members, our ALD advisor, Lisa Ruch, my family, and the community have been the main contributors to my successes thus far and ultimately the achievement of this milestone,” McCoy said.

Since receiving this award, not only has she felt honored to have had the privilege to be selected as a recipient of such a prestigious award, but she has already seen its positive influence on her collegiate career.

Outside of the award allowing her to focus on her curriculum and field of study without the financial stress that comes with college, it also gives her the opportunity to serve as a mentor for the upcoming generation of aspiring young collegiate students.

“Acquiring this scholarship has undoubtedly opened many new doors for me, but I am most excited about having the chance to become a better leader and mentor for others at IUPUI through Alpha Lambda Delta,” McCoy said.

Ana Danner, a recipient of the $3,000 scholarship, also felt that this scholarship will help her assist the next class of members to have as enriching of an experience with ALD that she has had.

“With these scholarship funds, I will be able to devote more time to academics, service, and leadership opportunities rather than financial stressors,” Danner said. “I am planning to return as an Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma (ALD/PES) student advisor this year.”


Danner, a biology, neuroscience, and psychology triple major, felt the support she received from ALD chapter, alongside her recommendation letters, was the major factor contributing to her winning this scholarship.

“Our Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma (ALD/PES) advisor, Lisa Ruch, is extremely dedicated and encourages our members to apply for these scholarships,” Danner said.

Alongside ALD, she has also received support from Honors College.

“The Honors College has been fully supportive of my academic endeavors from the start,” Danner said. “By providing generous scholarships, countless leadership opportunities, a study abroad stipend, and programs like the Honors College Peer Mentor Program, the Honors College goes the extra mile to encourage their students to thrive at IUPUI and beyond.”

As president of IUPUI's ALD chapter, she also felt that the unique social and service events that she was able to help plan and implement this year allowed her application to stand out. Not only did planning service events help her in obtaining the scholarship, but being able to volunteer was part of why she joined.

“I joined Alpha Lambda Delta because I saw it as the perfect opportunity to meet new people in various majors at IUPUI who were also academically motivated and passionate about serving their community,” Danner said.

Katlyn Elliot-Rodriguez, a business management major and service chair of IUPUI's ALD chapter, also joined knowing that being a part of ALD would give her unique opportunities, such as being able to give back to the community.

As a recipient of one of the $1,000 scholarships, Elliot-Rodriguez acknowledges that it will help her focus on her education, but she also acknowledges that Honors College and ALD have encouraged her to be the best version of herself.


“They have both provided me with various tools of success and an amazing support team,” Elliot-Rodriguez said. “I owe a lot to my advisors and all the time they have devoted to guiding me along my journey.”

Along with feeling honored and elated to have received this scholarship, she feels her dedication to ALD and IUPUI, along with the support she received, contributed to her winning.

Elliot-Rodriguez hopes to apply what she has learned as the service chair of ALD and continue helping others in the community after graduation.

“Alpha Lambda Delta has truly given me opportunities that I will forever be grateful for, as well as other IUPUI resources and organizations,” Elliot-Rodriguez said.

The Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship

The Jo Anne J. Trow Scholarship was started in 1988, in honor of a past national president of ALD. This year, ALD awarded five $6,000 awards, ten $3,000 awards, ten $2,000 awards, and twenty-five $1,000 awards based on GPA, service activities, essay answers, ALD involvement, and academic records.

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