Analytical Reasoning


List A

MATH 13000Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 13100Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MATH 13200Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III
MATH 13600Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
MATH 15300College Algebra
MATH 15400Trigonometry
MATH 15900Precalculus
MATH 16500Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 22100Calculus for Technology 1
MATH 22200Calculus for Technology 2
MATH 23100Calculus for the Life Sciences I
MATH 23200Calculus for the Life Sciences II
MATH 24100Calculus for Data Science I
MATH 24200Calculus for Data Science II
MATH 24300Linear Algebra for Data Science
MATH-M 118Finite Mathematics
MATH-M 119Brief Survey of Calculus 1
MATH-S 165Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Additional courses for List A for IUPUC students only
MATH 16600Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH-S 166Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

List B

CIT 12000Quantitative Analysis I
CSCI 23000Computing I
CSCI-N 200Principles of Computer Science
CSCI-N 201Programming Concepts
CSCI-N 207Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets
CSCI-N 211Introduction to Databases
ECON-E 270Introduction to Statistical Theory in Economics and Business
HIM-M 200Database Design for Health Information Management
INFO-I 101Introduction to Informatics
INFO-I 201Mathematical Foundations to Informatics
INFO-I 210Information Infrastructure I
INFO-I 223Data Fluency
NURS-H 355Data Analysis for Practice and Research
PBHL-A 215Storytelling with Data
PBHL-B 300Introduction to Biostatistics
PHIL-P 208Causality and Evidence
PHIL-P 265Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PSY-B 305Statistics
SOC-R 359Introduction to Sociological Stats
SPEA-K 300Statistical Techniques
STAT 30100Elementary Statistical Methods I
SWK-S 372Statistical Reasoning in Social Work
Delisted courses for List B
ECE 26100Engineering Programming LabFall 2019
ECE 26300Introduction to Computing in Electrical EngineeringSpring 2019
ECON-E 280Applied Statistics for Business and Economics 1 (IUPUC course only)Spring 2019
ENGR 19700Introduction to Programming ConceptsFall 2022
IET 15000Quantitative Methods for TechnologyFall 2020

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