Life and Physical Sciences

General education courses for Life and Physical Sciences

Students must have 6 credit hours in life and physical sciences courses.

ANTH-A 103Human Origins and Prehistory
AST-A 100The Solar System
AST-A 103Search for Life in the Universe
AST-A 105Stars and Galaxies
AST-A 205Quasars, Pulsars, and Black Holes
BIOL-K 101Concepts of Biology I
BIOL-K 102Honors Concepts of Biology I
BIOL-K 103Concepts of Biology II
BIOL-N 100Contemporary Biology
BIOL-N 107Exploring the World of Animals
BIOL-N 200Biology of Women
BIOL-N 207Physiology for Healthcare Management
BIOL-N 211Anatomy for Healthcare Management
BIOL-N 212Human Biology
BIOL-N 213Human Biology Lab
BIOL-N 214Human Biology
BIOL-N 215Human Biology Lab
BIOL-N 217Human Physiology
BIOL-N 251Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL-N 261Human Anatomy
CHEM-C 100The World of Chemistry
CHEM-C 101Elementary Chemistry 1
CHEM-C 105Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM-C 106Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM-C 110The Chemistry of Life
CHEM-S 125Honors Experimental Chemistry I
CHEM-S 126Honors Experimental Chemistry II
FIS 10100Investigating Forensic Science Lecture
FIS 10101Investigating Forensic Science
FIS 20500Concepts of Forensic Science I
FIS 20600Concepts of Forensic Science II
GEOG-G 107Physical Systems of the Environment
GEOG-G 108Physical Systems of the Environment Laboratory
GEOG-G 111Hurricanes
GEOG-G 112Thunderstorms and Tornados
GEOG-G 114The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
GEOG-G 123Soil Survey
GEOL-G 107Earth and Our Environment
GEOL-G 109Fundamentals of Earth History
GEOL-G 110How the Earth Works
GEOL-G 115Oceanography
GEOL-G 117Lab: Earth and Our Environment
GEOL-G 120Lab: How the Earth Works
GEOL-G 130Short Courses in Earth Science
GEOL-G 132Environmental Issues and Solutions
GEOL-G 135Indiana Rocks!
GEOL-G 136Lab: Indiana Rocks!
KINE-N 220Nutrition Health (was HPER-N 220)
KINE-P 205Structural Kinesiology (was HPER-P 205)
NSCI-B 101Exploring the Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience for Non-Majors
PBHL-A 115Environment and Human Health
PBHL-E 210Zombie Apocalypse and Doomsday Infections
PBHL-S 220Navigating the Maze of Healthy Living
PHYS 15200Mechanics
PHYS 20000Our Physical Environment
PHYS 21800General Physics I
PHYS 21900General Physics II
PHYS 25100Heat, Electricity, and Optics
PHYS-P 201General Physics I
PHYS-P 202General Physics II
PSY-B 101Exploring the Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience for Non-Majors

Additional course for IUPUC students only

BIOL-N 108Plants, Animals, and the Environment

Delisted courses

BIOL 10011Principles of Biomedical SciencesFall 2019
BIOL-K 104Honors Concepts of Biology IIFall 2022
CHEM-C 115Lab for the Chemistry of LifeSpring 2022
CHEM-C 121Elementary Chemistry Lab IFall 2023
CHEM-C 125Experimental Chemistry IFall 2023
CHEM-C 126Experimental Chemistry IIFall 2023
GEOL-G 119Fundamentals of Earth History LabFall 2023
PHYS 10000Physics in the Modern WorldSpring 2022
PSY-B 105Psychology as a Biological Science (IUPUC course only)Fall 2018
PSY-B 201Foundations of NeuroscienceSpring 2020

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