Cultural Understanding

Principle of Undergraduate Learning 6

3 credits

AFRO-A 140Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studies
AFRO-A 150Survey of the Culture of Black Americans
AFRO-A 152Introduction to African Studies
AMST-A 101Introduction to American Studies
AMST-A 102Asian American Culture
ANTH-A 104Cultural Anthropology
ASL-A 131First Year ASL I
ASL-A 132 First Year ASL II
ASL-A 211Second Year ASL I
ASL-A 212Second Year ASL II
CLAS-C 213Sport and Competition in the Ancient World
CLAS-L 131Beginning Latin I
CLAS-L 132Beginning Latin II
CLAS-L 200Second Year Latin I
CLAS-L 250Second Year Latin II
COMM-C 282Experiencing Intergroup Dialogue
COMM-C 299Communicating Queer Identity 
EALC-C 131Beginning Chinese I
EALC-C 132Beginning Chinese II
EALC-C 201Second Year Chinese I
EALC-C 202Second Year Chinese II
EALC-J 131Beginning Japanese I
EALC-J 132Beginning Japanese II
EALC-J 201Second Year Japanese I
EALC-J 202Second Year Japanese II
EDUC-E 201Multicultural Education and Global Awareness
ENG-L 245Introduction to Caribbean Literature
FREN-F 131First Year French I
FREN-F 132First Year French II
FREN-F 203Second Year French I
FREN-F 204Second Year French II
GER-G 131First Year German I
GER-G 132First Year German II
GER-G 203Second Year German I
GER-G 204Second Year German II
HER-H 221Art Past and Present
HIST-H 100Introduction to History
INTL-I 100Introduction to International Studies
ITAL-M 131Beginning Italian I
ITAL-M 132Beginning Italian II
ITAL-M 200Intermediate Italian I
ITAL-M 250Intermediate Italian II
LATS-L 101Introduction to Latino Studies
LATS-L 228An Interdisciplinary Look at U.S. Latino/a Identities
MUS-M 394Survey of African American Music
MUS-Z 105Traditions in World Music
NAIS-N 101Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies
NELC-A 131Beginning Arabic I
NELC-A 132Beginning Arabic II
NELC-A 200Intermediate Arabic I
NELC-A 250Intermediate Arabic II
PBHL-A 120Regional Cultures and Mortality
PSY-B 203Ethics and Diversity in Psychology
REL-R 101Religion and Culture
REL-R 103The Bible and Culture
SPAN-S 131First Year Spanish I
SPAN-S 132First Year Spanish II
SPAN-S 203Second Year Spanish I
SPAN-S 204Second Year Spanish II
SWK-S 102Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society
TCEM-T 208Tourism Geography
TCEM-T 234Cultural Heritage Tourism 
TCM 18000Exploring Intercultural Technical Communication

Additional Course for IUPUC Students Only

BUS-D 101Introduction to International Relations

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