Meeting Minutes

UAC meetings

The Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters. Meeting minutes are available below. Any questions about the minutes or about the UAC should be directed to your UAC representative.

UAC minutes

Meeting DatesMinutes
8/6/2021UAC Minutes
7/16/2021UAC Minutes
6/11/2021UAC Minutes
5/14/2021UAC Minutes
4/23/2021UAC Minutes
3/19/2021UAC Minutes
2/19/2021UAC Minutes
1/15/2021UAC Minutes

Meeting DatesMinutes 
12/18/2020UAC Minutes
11/13/2020UAC Minutes
10/16/2020UAC Minutes
9/18/2020UAC Minutes
8/28/2020UAC Minutes
8/4/2020UAC Minutes
6/26/20UAC Minutes
6/5/2020UAC Minutes
5/8/2020UAC Minutes
4/17/2020UAC Minutes

Meeting DatesMinutes Minutes
5/17/19UAC Minutes
4/19/19UAC Minutes
3/22/19UAC Minutes
2/15/19UAC Minutes
1/18/19UAC Minutes

12/14/18UAC Minutes
11/16/18UAC Minutes
10/19/18UAC Minutes
9/21/18UAC Minutes
5/18/18UAC Minutes
4/20/18UAC Minutes
3/23/18UAC Minutes
2/16/18UAC Minutes
1/19/18UAC Minutes

12/15/17UAC Minutes
11/17/17UAC Minutes
10/20/17UAC Minutes
9/15/17UAC Minutes
5/12/17UAC Minutes
4/21/17UAC Minutes
3/24/17UAC Minutes
2/17/17UAC Minutes
1/20/17UAC Minutes

12/16/16UAC Minutes
11/18/16UAC Minutes
10/21/16UAC Minutes
9/16/16UAC Minutes
5/13/16UAC Minutes
4/15/16UAC Minutes
3/25/16UAC Minutes
1/15/16UAC Minutes

12/18/15UAC Minutes
11/20/15UAC Minutes
10/16/15UAC Minutes
9/18/15UAC Minutes
5/15/15UAC Minutes
4/17/15UAC Minutes
3/27/15UAC Minutes
2/20/15UAC Minutes
1/16/15UAC Minutes

12/19/14UAC Minutes
11/21/14UAC Minutes
10/17/14UAC Minutes
9/19/14UAC Minutes