Principle of Undergraduate Learning 4

At least 3 credits

ART 21000History of Architecture 1 
CLAS-C 101Ancient Greek Culture
CLAS-C 102Roman Culture
CLAS-C 205Classical Mythology
COMM-T 130Introduction to Theatre
ENG-L 105Appreciation of Literature
ENG-L 115Literature for Today
ENG-L 202Literary Interpretation
ENG-L 203Introduction to Drama
ENG-L 205Introduction to Poetry
ENG-L 207Women and Literature
ENG-L 213Literary Masterpieces I
ENG-L 214Literary Masterpieces II
ENG-W 206Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG-W 207Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENG-W 208Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENG-W 210Literacy and Public Life
ENG-W 260Writing of Film Criticism
FILM-C 292Introduction to Film
HER-E 101Beginning Drawing I
HER-E 105 Beginning Painting I
HER-E 109Color and Design for Non-Art Majors
HER-E 111Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design
HER-E 201Photography I
HER-E 209Drawing for Interior Design
HER-E 214Visual Learning: From the Simpsons to the Guerrilla Girls
HER-H 100Art Appreciation
HER-H 101History of Art 1
HER-H 102History of Art 2
HER-H 200Understanding Contemporary Art
HER-H 210The Art of Art History
HER-V 214History of Visual Communication
HIST-H 195Introduction to Digital Humanities
MHHS-M 201Introduction to Medical Humanities and Health Studies
MSTD-A 101Understanding Museums
MUS-E 241Introduction to Music Fundamentals
MUS-L 100Guitar Elect/Secondary
MUS-L 101Beginning Guitar Class
MUS-M 174Music for the Listener
MUS-V 100Voice Elective and Secondary
MUS-Z 111Introduction to Music Theory
MUS-Z 201History of Rock and Roll Music
NEWM-N 100Foundations of New Media
NEWM-N 102Digital Media Imagery
NEWM-N 131Game on! A History of Video Games
NEWM-N 201Design Issues in Digital Media
NEWM-N 260Scriptwriting
PHIL-P 110Intro to Philosophy
PHIL-P 120Ethics
PHIL-P 162Logic
PHST-P 105Giving and Volunteering in America
PHST-P 211Philanthropy and the Humanities
REL-R 133Introduction to Religion
REL-R 173American Religion
REL-R 180Introduction to Christianity
REL-R 212Comparative Religions
REL-R 243Introduction to the New Testament
REL-R 257Introduction to Islam

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