Behind-the-scenes of ePortfolio Studio: The new peer-led space which opened this fall


Since opening this fall, ePortfolio Studio has been busy preparing the new peer-run space. Amy Powell, the executive director of ePortfolio, credited the two ePortfolio peer consultants, Dillon Polley and Sophie Carrison, for their efforts in shaping the creation of ePortfolio Studio. Over the summer and into the fall, Carrison and Polley designed the studio space to be comfortable, open, and inviting for students by working on chair placement, monitor display locations, and removing tables. Although the space is not yet fully finished, the space is expected to be completed within the next few months. They are currently open to students for drop-ins, in-person and virtual appointments, and asynchronous reviews. 

Both Carrison and Polley have also taken the lead on marketing, including working with DUE Communications to settle on a design for the studio decals, flyers, pens, and stickers. As they worked on marketing materials, they also sat in on Powell’s classroom kickoffs, scripted outlines for their own future kickoffs, and practiced their future kickoff presentations in an effort to eventually take over the marketing of ePortfolio through presentations. 

ePortfolio peer consultants, Dillon Polley and Sophie Carrison, in the ePortfolio Studio space still under construction

For other aspects of opening ePortfolio during the summer, Carrison and Polley decided to divide and conquer based on each other's strengths. Polley worked on infrastructure and back-end technology, such as feedback forms, booking applications, and built a Power Automate workflow for the data collected from all the forms and bookings the studio receives. Carrison worked on documentation, consultant resources, and content, such as phrasing for appointment forms, feedback templates, ePortfolio language, and student resources. 

Powell emphasized what a great team Polley and Carrison are and how their skill sets complement one another. Because of all their hard work over the summer, ePortfolio Studio is now open to students. Along with working with students and finishing up the studio space this fall, Polley and Carrison are focusing on spreading the word about ePortfolio Studio to students. 

The ePortfolio Studio, located in Hine Hall IP 241, is the hub for students to find support in building their ePortfolios. Students can receive peer assistance in building their ePortfolio and feedback on them virtually or in-person.