Moreover, several graduating students from the program are seeing higher full-time employment rates at 66.8%, in comparison to similar counterparts from other institutions with a rate of 61%.

Marva Barlow is one student who has been academically inspired by the program. Barlow, a student in the School of Education, was part of the student panel during the Passport Breakfast.

Barlow originally applied to IUPUI but was informed that the Passport Program might serve her better. Upon arriving at Ivy Tech, she felt overwhelmed and lost.

“The last time I had sat in a classroom, learning looked completely different," Barlow said. "The standard notebook, pen, and calculator were still in play. But turning in assignments on a computer, along with other electronic platforms, was new for me for school."

While at Ivy Tech, Barlow learned about the support from the Passport Program, which helped her make a seamless transition to IUPUI.

Barlow shared how her experience coming from a low-income background, being African American, and being an adult student pursuing a degree at an older age has made her college journey different than many of her classmates, and she commended the Passport Program for intentionally serving students like her.

“I would like to personally thank the two institutions, IUPUI and Ivy Tech, with their one mission to student success practice in allowing me to share today all of my processes, progress, and statistics, but more importantly, my story.”

The Passport Program’s transfer application for the 2024 fall period will close on July 1.

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