• What role will individual faculty members play in the NCA accreditation process?

    The role of individual faculty members in the North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission (HLC) reaccreditation process will vary. All faculty members are expected to be knowledgeable about the accreditation process. To expedite development of the institutional self-study, many faculty members will be asked to evaluate student learning related to the PULs taught in their courses. These evaluations will occur according to schedules developed by each school. During the site visit in 2012, individual faculty members may be invited for an interview with the HLC site visit team on any number of topics under consideration by the team. Keeping updated on the progress of campus preparations for the visit will enable faculty to answer the visitors' questions confidently.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact their school PRAC representatives (a list of current PRAC members can be found at IUPUI PRAC) or the Center for Teaching and Learning for help with combining existing assessment approaches with PUL assessment in an efficient way.

If you have further questions pertaining to the Principles of Undergraduate Learning, please contact Richard Jackson (rjackson@iupui.edu).