Academic Program Name

Step 1


When a department has decided to propose a change to the name of an academic program, the dean of the academic unit must receive written approval from academic affairs to proceed with the development of a proposal. Contact academic affairs by sending an email to

Step 2

CIP Code

The academic unit should consult with the Office of the Registrar prior to submitting the proposal to determine whether a change to the CIP code used to classify the program is recommended.

Step 3

Change of Name Proposal Form

Complete the change of name form and send it along with a cover letter to academic affairs requesting review and approval. To contact academic affairs, send an email to

Step 4

Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC)

After academic affairs approves the proposal, a copy will be forwarded by academic affairs to the UAC for review and approval.

Step 5

Presentation to UAC

The chair of the UAC will invite the originating unit to present the proposal at a regularly scheduled UAC meeting.

Step 6

Chief Academic Officer

Following approval by the UAC, the proposal will be forwarded to the chief academic officer for approval.

Step 6.1

Academic Leadership Council (ACL)

If approved by the chief academic officer, proposals for degrees, majors, and certificates are entered into the APPEAR system and forwarded to the Academic Leadership Council (IU degrees) or the associate provost at Purdue West Lafayette (Purdue degrees) for approval.

Changes in the name of a minor do not require approval beyond that of the chief academic officer.

Step 7

Trustees and ICHE

Following ALC approval (of IU programs), the change of name for a degree or certificate is reported to the trustees as an information item. In some cases, it also is reported to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education as an information item. A change of name for a major does not need additional action beyond ALC.