Academic Unit Name

Step 1


When a department decides to propose a change to the name of an academic unit, the dean of the school must receive written approval from the senior associate vice chancellor for academic affairs to proceed with the development of a proposal.

Required item

Step 1.1

C4 approval

Any name changes to academic units in technology or computing should receive approval from the C4 committee before continuing in the approval process. Any questions should be directed to the C4 co-chairs.

Step 2

Change of name proposal form

Complete the change of name form. Send it, along with a cover letter, to the Office of Academic Affairs, requesting review and approval.

Required items
  • Cover letter
  • Change of name form

Send your materials to

Step 3

Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC)

After the senior associate vice chancellor for academic affairs approves the proposal, the Office of Academic Affairs will forward the proposal to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee for review and approval. Members of an UAC subcommittee will review the proposal and make recommendations to the full committee regarding approval. After the presentation in Step 4, the full UAC will vote on whether to approve the proposal.

Step 4

Presentation to UAC

The chair of the Undergraduate Affairs Committee will invite the originating unit to present the proposal at a regularly scheduled UAC meeting. These meetings occur once a month during the academic year.

Step 5

Chief academic officer and trustees

Following approval by the UAC, the proposal will be forwarded by the UAC to the chief academic officer for approval. If approved by the chief academic officer, the proposal will be entered into the APPEAR system by the Office of Academic Affairs and will be forwarded to the Academic Leadership Council (IU degrees) or the associate provost at Purdue–West Lafayette (Purdue degrees) to continue in the approval process. Following approval at this stage, the proposal is presented to either the IU or Purdue trustees.

Once a proposal has been entered in the APPEAR system by the Office of Academic Affairs, school representatives can review the status of the proposal by using APPEAR.

Step 6

Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Depending on the type of unit requesting a name change, the proposal may require the approval of or notification to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Step 7

Unit and campus notifications

Following final approval, the Office of Academic Affairs will send notification of approval to the originating unit, the IUPUI registrar, the director of the Office of Student Financial Services, and the director of undergraduate admissions.